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Oxygen Facial

The Geneo Oxygen Facial is the ultimate facial treatment for achieving younger, fresher, and naturally better-looking skin! This innovative treatment harnesses the power of oxygenation in a unique, 3-in-1 facial treatment that works on both the outside and inside of the skin, encouraging natural skin renewal and replenishment processes for intense nourishment and skin rejuvenation.

Hydra Beauty Facial

The Hydra Beauty Facial is a state-of-the-art 7-in-1 device to instantly create your clearest, glowing skin!  Microderm infusion technology gently exfoliates and resurfaces, extracts and hydrates, and infuses antioxidants and peptides. Ultrasound and Microcurrent applications produce collagen, enhance definition, tone and tighten.  The skin scrubber painlessly extracts stubborn clogged pores and pimples.  Red and blue light therapy safe and effectively boosts cellular energy, destroys acne-causing bacteria, and has shown to increase skin firmness, skin texture and decrease wrinkles.  Lymphatic drainage enhancement helps clear toxins from the face and decrease puffiness.  High frequency glass electrodes create an anti-bacterial action as well as increase blood circulation, cell renewal, and increased levels of collagen and elastin.  

Skincare Powered by Skin Type Solutions

Skin Type Solutions is a digital skincare analysis, recommendation, and education system.  Your skin and skin concerns are analyzed through a questionnaire.  We automatically generate a customized regimen for each patient based on Bauman Skin Type result.  This unique system truly creates a unique regimen for You, to give you the best outcomes and most beautiful skin of your life.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are made of high-grade acids that, depending on the acid used, can combat congested pores, acne, sun damage, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, mild scarring, skin roughness, skin dullness and more.  Using BENEV smart chemical peels, Dr Borger, and Michele, create and layer different acids to create a truly customized ideal peel for your skin, taking into account your skin type, your area of concern, and downtime required.  They are able to perform "lunch time peels" without any downtime to light, medium, and deep peels.  We also offer the Physician Exclusive REVEPEEL and ENLIGHTEN peels specifically for hyperpigmentation, and melasma in all skin types.  


Aquagold Fine Touch is a patented 24 carat gold plated hair-fine needle system that painlessly delivers custom solutions into the skin at the ideal 600 micron depth.  It is the "Superfacial" (also called "Botox facial" by some) that celebrities swear by and that has been all over the media.  The solution delivered is entirely customized to your face and can contain Microbotox, Microfiller, Growth Factors, Vitamin Complexes, and more.  Get the Aquagold glow!

Customized Facials

Let Michele Williams, our amazing Medical Aestheticians, spoil you during a customized Facial!  Using the highest quality skincare products and their expertise, she will create a personalized facial just for you to address your specific concerns such as too dry or too oily skin, acne/extractions, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, pigmentation, dullness, enlarged pores, to give the most glowing and beautiful skin.  "Special" facials are available each month.  

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